Birds singing, trees swaying in the wind, the warmth of the sun in your skin. Just stop, and... breathe.

Created for A Game By Its Cover 2022 based on nbmach1ne's Famicase. Also submitted to Bird Jam and Mushroom Jam.

Note: If the arrow keys don’t work when moving the camera for the first time, click on the window with the mouse. It should work fine after that.


Narrative & Art Director, Programmer
PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé (itchcohosttwitter)

Audio Engineer & Composer
Cat Wizard (itchlinks)

Editor, QC
KentuckyFriedDreams (itch, cohost)

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I've been making games in Bitsy Color 3D lately, and looked through the itch tags to see what others have done with the engine. This is amazing! Skewing a number of tiles together to construct models, like the bottles and the bugs, is something I've been experimenting with as well. It's crazy what this engine can do if you convince it to, and you did a great job taking advantage of everything.

There is some z-fighting in the canopy which could be fixed relatively easily, and I think the open ended nature of the world makes it a bit disorienting in first person 3D, but the atmosphere is great.

I was wondering how you managed to collect an item in one shot when its made of 3 tiles? The bottles and mushrooms I mean.

Hey, thanks for playing!

In response to your question: you can actually nest tiles! It's an advanced functionality,  so it's a bit obscure... Something I discovered almost by accident LOL

You can do it by having the Find Drawing and 3D Settings next to each other. Select a tile you want to use as a parent, and in 3D settings click on Mesh > Children and then drag from Find Drawing to the 3D settings window to add a child. You can see it in this crash-course I gave earlier this year. It's in Spanish but the automatic subtitles are not too bad actually!

Hope that helps.


Ohh, that makes sense. I've seen that part of the editor before, but wasn't sure what its utility was. Thanks!

Me ha encantado :)

Finally got a chance to play this, it's so lovely!! Really enjoyed the parallel strings of dialogue with each different mushroom, sprout, and bird. The art, music, and sound design are also all so lovely and come together super well!


Thank you so much, Laura. I’m really really glad you enjoyed it 💖


A wonderful and cozy experience from start to end, with the narration feeling like I'm walking through this forest together with you!


A very cozy and wholesome experience :)
Really relaxing little world you've built there, tucked away behind bits and bytes. I love the atmosphere and the environmental vibes the game gives off!

Super cool!


beAUTIFUL MUSIC and environment! I love the story telling from player's perspective


ur really cool and so is ur game :))


incredible game! unfortunately i got lost


Impressive art style! This game deserves more comments!


Wow, what a unique and relaxing experience! Loved the little facts about mushrooms and birds. 


I'm craving mushrooms now, this is so nice and calming to play through!


Cute and relaxing! The space bugs were my favourite detail


this is a joy

Thank you ToT


Lovely experience!


Thank you so much for your help with the rocks!!!


thanks for listening and making such a cool game ilyyy


What a fantastic little game!

Thank you, M.E!!