Lady Gaga was minding her own business at home when she gets a phone call. Who could it be? It's Carly Rae Jepsen!

But what does she want?!

Content Warning

This shitpost is NSFW

Highlight to read the rest:

  • Alcohol
  • Partial Nudity
  • Destruction of Public Property
  • Implied Sex


Programming and Creative Direction: PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé 
Video Assets and "Quality" Control: Kentucky Fried Dreams 

Advice for streamers

Don't stream this game unless you mute the audio coming from your device, or mute the voices in-game via the Settings menu.


  • Click on the screen to read the next line of dialogue, or use the Auto mode by clicking "AUTO" in the quick menu (recommended).
  • When the game gives you options, click on whatever takes your fancy!


  • 🦊 This game was made in Unity using Naninovel.
  • 🎼  All music belongs to Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen and Ariana Grande, and it was ripped from Youtube LOL. This is fair use. I love you!
  • 📸 Pictures of Lady Gaga taken by Inez&VinoodhLauren DukoffNick Knight and Mason Poole, under the CC-BY-SA license. Hopefully?
  • 📷 Pictures of Carly Rae Jepsen taken by Julian Buchan and Markus&Koala, under the CC-BY-SA license? Please don't sue.


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This must've taken a long time to come up with a story with the songs of these people


This was so funny and amazing, I played it really quick w my brother and I'm happy I got the good end :)


This is a Goty 10/10


There are few games I've had the pleasure of playing that know so strongly what they are about. GaGa's Bizarre Adventure: Lesbian Tendency is a fever dream of a game that will make you cry with laughter. Play it already!!