Created in under 72 hours for inkJAM 2022 and Spooktober 4th Annual Visual Novel Jam

A group of rebel ex-corporate scientists jump onto the spaceship Vantage to investigate the birth of a quasar. But will astrophysics be a simpler matter than solving their interpersonal issues?


Music Composer, Original Character Design
Bb (itch, bandcamp, twitter)

Narrative Direction, Writer
Ellis Dex (itch, cohost, twitter)

Art Direction, Programmer, Producer
PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé (itch, cohost, twitter)



Matter [Spooktober ver].zip 83 MB
Matter [Spooktober ver].exe 85 MB

Install instructions

For Windows, you may need to convince your browser that the file is safe. Trust me, it is.

For MacOS the file should unzip when you download. Depending on your settings the file might not open the first time around.  Go to System Settings, Security & Privacy and allow the app to Open Anyway from there :)


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THIS ONE WAS SO FUN! The music was amazing and I loved the storyline. The character design was amazing as well!


Very impressive for being made in less than 72 hours!


A nice little story. A little disappointed that there didn't seem to be any meaningful choices having played through twice, but at least there is some illusion of choice if you play just once. The style and music is nice and works together.


hey! meaningful choices are cool, and there were some kind of planned, but games this small are very hard to do that kind of thing in - so we ended up not doing any due to it taking away from the intended experience! plus the point of the game is kind of that your choices don't matter, because no matter what you all have to work together :)) 


This is a thousand percent my aesthetic. Loved it.