Since the game launched over 12 years ago, you've spent countless nights playing World of Adventure, the highly-acclaimed and popular MMORPG. However, tonight is the final time you're logging in because the servers are shutting down. Forever.

Time to say your last goodbyes.


  • Click into the game screen when it says "Running Back to You" to activate controls
  • Use WASD to move around, and arrow keys to rotate the camera
  • Use WASD or arrow keys to advance the dialogue
  • Interact with the world by "bumping" into the different items/characters
  • Collect the glowing cubes to revisit your memories


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Tags3D, Bitsy, Cute, Exploration, Low-poly, Pixel Art, sad, Short, Synthwave, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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yeah i cried


this has a great style to it, really like it. Made me think of club penguin a lot, lol.


I really loved that, also I NEED THAT MUSIC IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL

Well, you can get it here! Far From Home | Synth Kid (


This looks awesome but as someone with ADHD I find those "never ending small text boxes" horribly annoying. Give me something bigger, show all the relevant text, if necessary say "1/3" at the bottom. But don't torture me with this infinite stream of slowly scrolled messages.

I will get back to it when I am in a calmer mood as this game really looks great.


Hey, sorry you feel this way. 

The manner in which the dialogue works in this game is the standard way bitsy (the tool this game was made with) behaves. So if you found playing this game frustrating, I’d recommend you to approach any other bitsy games carefully in the future - as 99% of the time they’ll have a small dialogue box just like this one. It’s just a tiny tool (not even a game engine) so adding extra functionality is actually very hacky and not easy.

Also, this “stream of scrolled messages” mirroring a stream of consciousness is actually a staple of the genre, I’m afraid. They are games to play slowly, explore and (hopefully) reflect on what they are telling you. They are not games to speedrun.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the game once you come back to it. Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Thanks, sorry if I was sounding rude. I never looked at these dialogs as a stream of consciousness before, maybe because this feature seems a little buggy in my own head.

Have a lovely day too.

This was lovely, thank you.


Wonderful game.


This was very sweet, thank you

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Beautiful! I wish we could explore more of this little world. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s over now, and all that remains are the memories :’)

Thank you for making this game!


Such a poignant yet beautiful game :') Totally captures the sense of nostalgia and the tragedy of a dying universe.

The conversations between "players" in the world and the little "memory cubes" made the experience feel even more realistic. I got stuck in the Forest of Delusion for a long while figuring out how to progress, but I guess this mirrors the frustration of the remaining "players". Even the interaction with Pixel cemented the finality of goodbye to the game-verse, which was quite heartbreaking.

Thank you to the developer for creating this!


Definitely this made me cry so much. Is not just a bunch of touching




Frickin' beautiful.


This literally made me cry

hey...hehehhe...h.... just wondering.. is the title of this game by any chance inspired by a vanessa williams song of the same exact name?


this is great! i've never put very much time into an mmo but this still got me haha


what a fantastic little narrative, really makes you think about all the now defunct digital friends and fauna. if you have any time, please consider expanding this little dying universe (ironic, i know!)

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Love you forever pixel!

And yes, it did feel right.


I also got stuck in the Forest of Delusion, but I found the caves eventually. Super cute, really liked overhearing all the other players' conversations, and talking to Pixel was very sweet (and I totally didn't expect the twist). Fuck AdventureVerse!


Loved the music and art! The names are so adorable.  I got stuck at the looping shrubs/bushes. Regardless I still enjoyed the game!


If you ever feel like playing it again at some point, you need to continue through the cave entrance!

Glad you enjoyed it either way! Thank you for playing it! 💖