The year is 208X. Everyone on planet Earth is permanently connected to the Metaverse. You - a member of the resistance -  just got your hands on the Fragment,  a piece of code that could literally rewrite reality.

To what ends will you use this potential?

A game made for the O2A2 VN Jam 2022 with the following restrictions:

  • < 1000 words
  • One CG
  • One song

Also submitted to the Bitsy Jam with the theme "Loops".

It's got 2 different endings!

Content Warning

Contains mentions of murder


To advance the text or choose an option:

  • Desktop: Use the arrow or WASD keys.
  • Mobile: Tap or swipe the screen.



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I love the theme and vibe of it, it truly did feel something like a cyberpunk theme and I love the art and effects! The story was interesting and cool, great job with this~!


This is amazing. The music is fantastic and fits the game so well. I love how you were able to tell such a full story and build an entire world from one image. Very inspiring and well done,


This was really cool! What a neat intersection of so many different tools and assets! It really works together to create quite a cohesive little game!


So many things and lore packed in such a tiny format, amazing! Thank you for making this!


These vibes are exquisite. Love it 💖


i can't believe you made this in binksi you absolute madlad


This was a wonderful little game! And you even let us fall in love with a robot, which of course is a great bonus. I also think you managed to nail down the atmosphere of it very well, the CRT filter gives that really nice touch to set the game's feel in stone. (Or burn it into a disk, in this case!)

Excited to see what you do next!


Love the visuals, music and atmosphere! Great little cyberpunk experience.


good game


Wow wow wow! Everything fits perfectly,I love the shader effect as well! So cyberpunkish!


Maybe it's because of my love of cyberpunk, but this sucked me right in! And you made it feel so big and epic! I feel like I just completed a 12 hour game and not an O2A2 submission. Ending unlocked: Fragmented love. 

The presentation is excellent and I love the metalevel of using an AI generated image for Ai-chan.

Each of your games is something different and unique and I always get excited when I notice a new release from you!