Your tamagotchi just hatched! However, it looks like he's already at the adult stage and comes with some emotional baggage...

Navigate his past to forge a better future for him.

Content Warning

Homophobic slurs, bullying, divorce, breakups


Interact with the world by "bumping" into the different items/characters.

  • Desktop: Use the arrow or WASD keys.
  • Mobile: Swipe in the direction you want to move to. You can hold for longer movements.


Development log


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While I may not relate to the specific situations in the game, the overall message really hit home. And the ending just made me smile :)


wow. just wow. 


I really enjoyed playing this, and the messages were greatly appreciated! I also really loved how I could input my name, it made it even more personal <3


this is so lovely!! so small but so moving, with a lot of meaning - i loved the painting, and the use of tamagotchis, because we are things we have to take care of and we deserve the love we would give anything else in our care. a beautiful little reminder. congratulations on the growth!! <3


This was such a lovely experience to play. A lot of it resonates. Thank you so much for sharing!


This was a very moving story. Your art is very very good, conveying beauty in 3 colors. Many hugs for the little protagonist (named him Paul) : you got yourself buddy !


This is so lovely! I was stuck in a random negative thinking loop for a few days and this helped me break out of it! Thank you! <3


oh wow. thank you for making and sharing this <3


this is really sweet, thanks for sharing


loved this <3 loved the painting detail too


👍 You did it! That was amazing! Great storytelling too! And bipsi HD is definitively for you!