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Your friend Ash and you were up to no good last night. You agreed to meet up at yours tonight, but it seems like you may have bitten more than you could chew.

What is that mysterious tome you've been trying to decipher?

Made in under 4 hours for both ECTOCOMP 2022 and Cosmic Horrors Jam.


  • Scroll down as you would any web page.
  • Click/tap to navigate through the Main Menu.
  • At some points in the story the game will make you choose a reply from a list, click/tap to select your choice.
  • The game should run on mobile phones, but depending on the size of the screen experiences may vary.



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is there only one ending?

btw great game!

Pls, make it explicitly Portrait-oriented in the settings. The default option always gives Landscape for me on the phones.

I had no idea it did that!

That’s sorted now, thanks for the heads up!


Super impressive you made this in under 4 hours - great job!