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You're back in your hometown this holiday break! As always, you text your friends to see if you can meet up while you're here. However, you may have to choose who you prefer to hang out with over somebody else, as your time is limited.

Who will you choose?


Writing and Programming: PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé 
Music: Stephan "Dread" P. (TwitterBandcampItch)


  • Scroll down as you would any web page.
  • Click/tap to navigate through the Main Menu.
  • At some points in the story the game will make you choose a reply from a list, click/tap to select your choice.
  • The game should run on mobile phones, but depending on the size of the screen experiences may vary.


  • The script was written in Ink. Cheers, Inkle! 🖋️
  • I used Calico (by Elliot Herriman) for the game engine. Go check it out! Thanks, Elliot! 🌱
  • Animated SVG Snow by Stephen Roberts ❄️
  • Special thanks to Luke, for proofreading and helping me out with the UI 💖


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What a wonderful and cozy sequel! <3